So I throw on my kicks, walk outside & it’s raining, what bliss…
The weather is perfect
Warm, cloudy & wet…
Days like these inspire me
Keeps my fingers writing freely
Loving all the leaves I see


On the floor & in the trees
Everything is beautiful when its raining
I can walk forever in this kind of weather
The scent that the rain gives the grass, the dirt, the trees
There’s nothing better,
The rain gives me a sense of peace
Clears my mind so I can think
when I’m going through stuff these are the days that lift me up
With a little Jazz & rain taps
Life doesn’t feels so bad
Days like these relieve my stress
is hard to deal with life when your brains a mess
Rainy days are my favorite days,
They help me wash away the pain
Keep me sane
And put a smile on my face

In The Words Of Eddie Rabbit in I Love The Rainy Nights
“I love the rainy night
Such a beautiful sight
I love to feel the rain on my face
Taste the rain on my lips”



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