Another Road…

Never thought of being alone I always had someone walking with me down some road, now the curtains have been pulled my eyez were blurred by the water in my dream pool I was tied down and forced to see the truth…
Hhhhmmm being alone, think about it…
No more aruguing about who will or wont wash the dishes,
No more asking for a dollar for some swedishes fishes,
No more bed covers taken
No more sex to make a mends
No more uncomfortable silence
No more moments of cryin
No more jealousy
No more worrying
No more lonely nights
No more sharing highs…
But what about the
Sweet kisses
The endless caresses
The hugs & The booty rubs
The walks & The talks
The positive influence that help my brain create art
The fact that you spoil me with all I want and need
The fact that your the fucking man of my dreams
The soulmate I would miss terribly…
I’ve never thought of another road but I was forced to open the door pushed to take a tour…
I don’t know its confusing to the dome, the heart and the soul, only time will tell which road ill be traveling on whether it be the same or a different one…



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