I’ve Been Told…

So I’ve been told that I can’t write my Fuck You Poems… HaHaHaHa is my response.
Why would I let anyone dictate what I write I believe only life can do that….
I see it like this:
If you don’t appreciate my work then DON’T VISIT MY PAGE
If you’re a friend and don’t like what you see then DELETE ME
I don’t care if its “Twitter” you don’t like it then UNFOLLOW…..
I’m gonna keep writing FUCK YOU!!
Its who I am, who I’ve always been
I’m far from judgemental,
I’m all for doing and saying what you want whether I like it or not “I Respect It” and “Encourage It”
I will not erase what I’ve wrote nor will I stop writing what I want…
I’m extremely expressive its just who I am….
Any comments???
Feel free to express it…
Yours Truly…


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