I will not live in misery
you’ll never keep me shivering… You make me laugh with all your insecurities
for you I will never feel sorry… You’re pathetic with your exaggerated switch
every friend you’ve had you made sure you hit…
You’re always left alone
you’re a Demon Witch
all you do is sell tickets
even in your pictures you look wicked
like the Devil on the prey for a new victim
with your saggy tits
and your fucked up kids
sucking dick from grown ups to children
Your pussy gotta be corroded that’s why all of them niccas boated…
Lets face it you’re just not worth it
you’re a waste of cockspit
your mother should’ve just swallowed it –
it would’ve been better for the environment…
Your presence is not wanted here or anywhere
no one can stand the evil you bare..
Youre polluted
you think everyone should kiss your feet
but chica you’ll never be respected
your poison you’ve injected
and there are so many you’ve infected
its amazing you’re still breathing with that rotten heart you live with…
This bitch will never change she’s all evil everyday
just stay away from her
and your world will be a better place…



One thought on “A WASTE…

  1. remind me 2 be nice……..strong words from a very strong n beautiful woman. every1 evil or good will have there day, wheather it be a nice or fucked day it will come!!!!!!

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