So I throw on my kicks, walk outside & it’s raining, what bliss… The weather is perfect Warm, cloudy & wet… Days like these inspire me Keeps my fingers writing freely Loving all the leaves I see On the floor & in the trees Everything is beautiful when its raining I can walk forever in […]

First Kiss…

Can you remember the 1st time we kissed? We just couldnt get enough of eachothers lips, Kissin at the train station & ignoring every train that came Just to kiss some more while it rained… I remember how you continuesly took my breath away, You made me feel so safe, You kept me in your […]


Everywhere I see there’s another cheater on the streets, another broken hearted baby momma feelin cheap. Its seems like cheating is now a style, I mean its always been around Even I did it for awhile, But now that its been done to me, I can truly see the reality… Neighbors fucking neighbors and then […]

Just Let Me…

Anger runs through my vains, Frustration rushes to my brain, I get the urge to put my fists through a door, I can feel the steam coming out my pores…. When I’m feelin this way I need to be alone, I need to be able to rant & rave on my own… Let me listen […]


Perfect??? That’s not me its the complete opposite of my being ~ I’m clumbsy but yet funny, I can be lazy but I’m outgoing ~I may be a toker but I love to read books, writings got me hooked ~ I trip on my own 2 feet but afterwards ill hook up your website real […]