So I throw on my kicks, walk outside & it’s raining, what bliss…
The weather is perfect
Warm, cloudy & wet…
Days like these inspire me
Keeps my fingers writing freely
Loving all the leaves I see


On the floor & in the trees
Everything is beautiful when its raining
I can walk forever in this kind of weather
The scent that the rain gives the grass, the dirt, the trees
There’s nothing better,
The rain gives me a sense of peace
Clears my mind so I can think
when I’m going through stuff these are the days that lift me up
With a little Jazz & rain taps
Life doesn’t feels so bad
Days like these relieve my stress
is hard to deal with life when your brains a mess
Rainy days are my favorite days,
They help me wash away the pain
Keep me sane
And put a smile on my face

In The Words Of Eddie Rabbit in I Love The Rainy Nights
“I love the rainy night
Such a beautiful sight
I love to feel the rain on my face
Taste the rain on my lips”



First Kiss…


Can you remember the 1st time we kissed?
We just couldnt get enough of eachothers lips,
Kissin at the train station & ignoring every train that came
Just to kiss some more while it rained…
I remember how you continuesly took my breath away,
You made me feel so safe,
You kept me in your arms & held me tight,
The 1st to ever steal my heart right from the very start…
I knew I had fell in love
I never felt it before but I immediately knew what it was…
If I could turn back time
That would be the day I would start with
That time is precious & I could never forget that moment
That kiss
The bliss
Your scent, your wit
The way you made me smile was priceless
I will never regret having felt this,
This feeling of complete happiness….

Spidee says “Enjoy Every Moment”


Everywhere I see there’s another cheater on the streets, another broken hearted baby momma feelin cheap.
Its seems like cheating is now a style,
I mean its always been around
Even I did it for awhile,
But now that its been done to me, I can truly see the reality…
Neighbors fucking neighbors and then taking shots with there partners later,
Friends fucking friends and then taking pictures with there partners like nothin ever happened….
It amazes me how this cheating thing is such a trend,
No one wants to be alone
But there’s always one thing missing at home
No ones ever happy with having one good partner to hold
Even if kids are involved
The physical always seems to take control…
I learned a lot in this life
Which is why I am stronger…
I may not like what is in my sight
But at least I know that that’s something I won’t fall for twice
I’ll keep it wise and stay watching from the outside….

Spidee says “Keep It Wise Peeps”

Just Let Me…

Anger runs through my vains,
Frustration rushes to my brain,
I get the urge to put my fists through a door,
I can feel the steam coming out my pores….
When I’m feelin this way I need to be alone,
I need to be able to rant & rave on my own…
Let me listen to my music so I can come back to me,
Let me toke a couple of blunts so I can calmly think,
Just give me some time to compose myself back to sweet….
Don’t take this personal just give me some space and I’ll be back to normal


Perfect??? That’s not me its the complete opposite of my being ~ I’m clumbsy but yet funny, I can be lazy but I’m outgoing
~I may be a toker but I love to read books, writings got me hooked ~ I trip on my own 2 feet but afterwards ill hook up your website real sweet ~ I’m not too affectionate but when I fuck you I mean it ~ I’m far from perfect but I keep it real, ill bring you home a woman but won’t cook a meal ~ I’m not ashamed to be imperfect, in fact I’m proud, I’m a beautiful person and even with my imperfect persona I won’t let you down…