who he is….

He manifested his persona through betrayl so he says its who he is… A pimp, a G whatever you call a cheater a lier a deciever, he tries to sugar coat it just to make it sweeter… He says he did it for me he was just tryin to live out his dream more than one woman in his life is what he sees…. He thinks he’s Elvis Presley sweet talking you into something risky selfishly not thinkin of you, you or you sweety, he’ll keep you cause he’s too needy oh wait make that greedy. Its not worth changing him it’s impossible so don’t try it, he’s a man with no limits a man who just loves women… I don’t hate him its who he says he is… he says he’s got so much to give so he wants more than one woman to share it with,marriage with him is out of the question he wants to be unhappily married with 1, 2, 3 or 4 of them… Acceptance is the lesson I’ve learned in all of this… A Pimp, A G, A Lier, A Cheat, I’ve realized its who he is….

Yours truly…


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