who he is….

He manifested his persona through betrayl so he says its who he is… A pimp, a G whatever you call a cheater a lier a deciever, he tries to sugar coat it just to make it sweeter… He says he did it for me he was just tryin to live out his dream more than one woman in his life is what he sees…. He thinks he’s Elvis Presley sweet talking you into something risky selfishly not thinkin of you, you or you sweety, he’ll keep you cause he’s too needy oh wait make that greedy. Its not worth changing him it’s impossible so don’t try it, he’s a man with no limits a man who just loves women… I don’t hate him its who he says he is… he says he’s got so much to give so he wants more than one woman to share it with,marriage with him is out of the question he wants to be unhappily married with 1, 2, 3 or 4 of them… Acceptance is the lesson I’ve learned in all of this… A Pimp, A G, A Lier, A Cheat, I’ve realized its who he is….

Yours truly…


Tongue kisses & licks

It’s ok that you got his tongue kisses & licks, its also cool you came on his lips & on his dick, it doesn’t bother me that he busted all over your tits, I see you fell for his thrusting hips.. I laugh cause you don’t seem to realize your still the other chick, you think its cute that a nicca’s still on your shit but boo he’s still lookin for another pussy to stick…Get off your high hoarse bitch you’re just as pathetic as he is… So go head keep swallowin his cock spit, while i just sit back & watch karma give yous both a dose of her piff…



So I see u standin there
With your Yankee hat slightly twisted to the side,
Smokin on some kush,
Tattooed covered arms,
Rockin polo hard,
Lookin suave smellin like a man with muscles I can grab,
Big hands to hold me right
The perfect lips to kiss my thighs Hazel eyes that melt my insides You make me wet at first site… your swagga is intense I never met a thug like you, your mental status has me impressed, you take care of your shit with no stress… Nicca you keep me interested and you don’t even know i exist… If I could tell you how i felt I’d tell you I just want one night with you, one night to feel your strong arms Around my waist, one night to let my lips get a taste of your lips your chest and what’s below your belt… one night to hear you say I make you melt, one night to run your fingers through my hair, one night when I don’t have to share or care of what others will think… One night to enjoy the orgasms with screams to enjoy the scratches with ease, to enjoy the choking and the beads…one night to enjoy your seeds while you enjoy my juicyness that’s so pink…. One night to fuck me like a whore one night to keep me wantin more one night to keep you wanting me cause I am so not a bore… One night to show you how a real woman opens the back door… Let me stop cause I’m turnin myself on with your charm and you haven’t even extended your arm. I just can’t help it baby your a work of art, a masterpiece I wouldnt take apart… So ima stay on the side so I can watch you keep it fly hopin one day you’ll see me as you keep passin me by….


A Fusion of Confusion…..

Confused is not the excuse for the abuse its your selfishness that tells the truth… Is it even worth being with you…. You laugh in my face and think your cute,like your the man and I gotta take your bull…. Your lies have me amused cause you think I’m this dumb chick missing some screws… Confused? yes you are boo… thinking that ill be the one kissing your shoes, rubbing your back or lettin you bust on my boobs. Your ride is through there will be no more sucky sucky for you…. Go ahead stay “Confused” but I surely won’t be here So Fuck You!!!