“Damn Bitch! Pass that shit already! Said Sonia while snatching the blunt from Cassie. ” Fuck that shit! I bought it.” “And – I bought the next one that we’re about to smoke. So stop your shit.” “Just shut up and smoke.” Said Cassie. ” Damn Cas’, It needs to rain cause its to hot out this bitch.” Said Sonia while fanning herself with her hand.
               Sonia & Cassie have been best friends for 15yrs. Since they were 5yrs old they’ve been inseperable. They even lived in the same building & right next door to eachother.
            ” See now why you bitchin’? When you took the blunt it was still a blunt. Now its a fucking roach you damn vacuum. Did you at least get another dutch?” ” Nope” ” So then your coming with me to the store. I’ll get us some beer and some loosies while we’re there. ” ” OkSaid Sonia while trying to suck the left over smoke out of the roach.
           As soon as the girls walked into Cassie’s apartment, Sonia quickly sat in front of the fan. ” Let the fan rotate Soni’! I’m hot too.” ” I can’t sit here like this. I’ll be right back. I’m gonna go jump in the shower.” “Be here before the blunt lights up or you’ll be assed out.” ” Fuck you pendeja! I’ll be right back.” Said Sonia whike running out if Cassie’s and into her place.
           By the time Sonia got back ti Cassie’s, Cassie already had the blunt rolled and ready to light. Cassie poured Sonia’s beer in a cup. They cheered & began to smoke.
           ” So Soni’ are you dancing tonight?” ” Yeah. I have to work tonight. Are you gonna come through Cassie?” ” Well its Friday & I do feel like getting bent. So yeah, I’m coming.” Said Cassie with a giggle. ” Do you want to party?” ” Sure a little coke won’t hurt.” ” We’ll do some perico, smoke some blunts, have lots of drinks and get fucked up!!. We can an ounce of ganja before we leave, bag a few so we can make a little more money. The perico we can get at the club.” Said Sonia while sipping the last of her beer. ” Okay sounds good to me. Let’s do it.” Said Cassie as she took one last toke.
It was already 7:30pm and Sonia and Cassie had just finished eaing and getting dressed. Whike waiting for the the cab Cassie decided to light up another blunt. “I wonder of Sabrina will be there. I know Carla will be she never misses a Friday.” Said Sonia ” I would love to see Carla mmmm, im fucking diggin that chick.” Carla said while biting her bottom lip. ” You know that Sabrina and Carla be fuckin around right?” Sonia asked Cassie ” So what that can be my goal to have my 1st female threesome – oooowweeee!!!” Yelled Cassie while letting out some smoke and laughing which made Sonia laugh just as well



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