The Brain…..

I’ve got a lot on the brain,
The pain the insane feeling of rage and hate that I try to keep caged….
The confusion of whether or not I’m going the right way.
I don’t want to hear what they have to say
Its always the same…
Wake up and smell the day,
I lie awake and i bake.
I think about the fake that take what you make and make you as small ass the rice in their plate…
Where’s the faith
The thought of things going great
Its all a game I get to tired too play…
I don’t want life to end
But I do need break.
I need to take my pain and give it a good shake
So that it can run down my shoulders like snowflakes…
I’m impressed with what life paints
But yet disappointed when it confuses my mind state…
Tears falling like rain
And the sky is no where near gray…
I’ve got a lot on my brain
My heart is what aches
I’m sick of the bitter taste
Its time for that change,
Time to slow down the pace… Time to get ready for the Big Ball of Life,
It’s not as real as they say, remember its all a Mascarade.



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